Adoption is not a cure for Infertility

Click here to read this open letter from an adopted adult.

I hope you really read it. It really is a must read! It certainly is a great eye opener for those who think they know what adoption is all about. It’s also a great tool for our friends and family to show them how to support us the right way.

This isn’t about us completing our family. It’s about us becoming a family for a child. ♡

I’ll leave you with this nugget of truth from the letter…

” Adding to your family through adoption should never be about meeting some need of your own…it should always and only ever be about providing for the CHILD’S needs.  Please don’t put the added pressure on an adopted child by forcing them to live up to the unspoken standard of the child you couldn’t concieve or the son or daughter you couldn’t produce.  Adoption is not a cure for infertility, nor are adopted people “gifts” to be passed around in order to complete somebody else’s life.  We are human beings in our own right, with our own feelings, needs, and wants.  Don’t add to an already painful situation by expecting us to be something we weren’t born to be.”

♡ Amber

Not your average Gofundme

Hello Friends
Today was a big day. We attended an adoption INFO session with Independent Adoption Center in their Tampa office. It was insightful and left us even more torn. I’ll post more on that later. We have alot to pray about as we will make a decision very very soon on which agency and will pay fees to get our homestudy underway.

In the mean time you may want to amuse yourselves by checking out the link below. It’s not your everyday
Gofundme. We are going to have a little fun with crowd funding. Yes we are selling our dignity in exchange for donations. In the form of embarrassing videos.

Read more here…

All our ♡
Julio and Amber


Baby Colón’s First Gift


How fitting is it that my parents adopted me and it will be through their blessing that we will secure an agency and schedule a home study in August?

I can’t put into words how much their support for #babyColóntobe touches me. Their love reaches me in a different way now that I am getting a glimpse of what loving a child I haven’t even met yet feels like. Our God must love us like that, and I am so thankful he does.

*Please keep us in your prayers as we select an agency this month.

Amber ♡

Why do we hope?


“We have this hope like an anchor for our soul, firm and secure.”  Hebrews 6:19

In this blog I promised myself that I would be transparent with our story.  I think this is important for a few reasons.  The world needs more transparency, especially from Christians.  Our friends and family members need to know how to best support us.  Finally, there is a sense of healing that comes with being vulnerable even if that defies every fiber in my being.

That being said, this journey hasn’t always been full of hope.  Specifically speaking, the part of our journey where we  began to learn that birthing our own children doesn’t seem to be an option for us.  There have been quite a few days filled with doubts, questions, anger, resentment, and  a sadness that I just couldn’t shake.   For the better part of 2 years I felt like I was stuck on a roller coaster that was anything but fun anymore.

As Christians we are trained to be joyful, to trust God’s plan, and never to doubt his goodness but  the devil uses tricky ways to hide our hope from us.  I say tricky because its sort of a catch 22.  I found myself not wanting to hope anymore so I could break that terrible cycle of disappointment, I wanted off that roller coaster!  What Jesus does is amazing though,  somehow against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.  He placed this hope deep in our hearts;  like an anchor for our soul firm and secure.

As of November 2014, I’m not ashamed of that hope anymore.  There isn’t anything broken about us, our God is good.  He has called us to be parents and there is nothing shameful about our unfinished story.  My prayer is that if any of our readers are in a place where they are doubting God’s goodness that they will remember the hope that Jesus gives us.  Don’t let the devil hide your hope and  it’s steadfastness.  Your anchor of hope was placed in your heart to weather any storm that your Soul may have to endure.

Thanks for reading,

Amber ♥

Hoping to Adopt


To our family and friends,

We would like to take each and every one of you out for coffee to share with you some exciting news in our lives, but alas that just isn’t possible.  So Instead, we have created this little blog.  We hope that as you read this post, you can imagine that we are right there with you and we invite you to celebrate with us in a new chapter that the Lord has opened.

Yep, you  have read the sign correctly. We are hoping to adopt!  If you know us well enough you know that adoption has always been close to our hearts.  As a matter of fact, early in our marriage Amber made the statement that she wanted to adopt first.   When we felt the nudge to begin the process, we eagerly began checking out all the options and paths to adoption.  After a great deal of prayer and searching our hearts, we have decided that it is our preference to follow a domestic, infant, and open adoption plan. We believe that God has lead us to the right agency, Christian Family Services.  They are a faith based agency out of Jacksonville Florida. They are not taking anymore families until July (hopefully.) However, we know that our God has already written our story and we are waiting in his sovereignty.

We will be taking these few months to share the news and prepare our hearts and finances for this journey.  Feel free to follow along in our journey here at  We covet your prayers & support and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions.

all our love,

Julio and Amber Colón