Sweet baby Girl, 

Tonight is the first night I learned of you. I was talking to your Aunt Jessie when the phone rang. I practically hung up on her when I saw our agency on the other line. My heart stood still in my chest. 
Jerry called and said, “If you think this is Christmas call, you are wrong. If your think this is New Years call you are wrong. But if you Thing this is the day you were matched with a birth family, you are right.  My world started spinning, my heart got caught in my throat. I just stood there smiling, speechless. 

Then that very second I heard your daddy’s car in the driveway so I ran to the door put Jerry on speaker phone and made him repeat the whole thing over again. The smile on your daddies face was one I’ve never before.  I can’t even describe it but you’ll see it soon. I have a feeling that’s his smile just for you.

Jerry told of of your first mommy and daddy and how much they love you. I’m excited to meet them. They told us that you were due March 1st. Next they said something that made my lose my breath, something that changed my life forever, something that woke my heart up. They said that you were girl! 
I screamed for joy and Jerry and Debbie joked saying it’s good to know that Amber is still there. I was so quiet on the phone because I was trying to soak it all up, I wanted to remember everything. Luckily I have your daddy to help with that, he pulled out his phone and started taking notes. The moment where it all sank in and became real was when Jerry began to tell us that your mommy and daddy had a name in mind for you. When they said the name Violet, I saw your face for the first time. I saw my baby girl and my heart melted. That was the split second you became my daughter and it was also the moment you gave me what my heart needed most. You made me a momma. 

As I’m sitting here writing this I just want you to know that I’ll do whatever I can to make you feel complete, chosen, and cherished because thats what I’ve prayed for my whole life and tonight you were my answer.  

It is my hope that your first mommy and daddy will always have a place in your life because I want you to feel double the love. 
I love you already baby girl, to the moon and back
Love, Mommy