It has been a little while since I have updated on here. Mostly because we have been so busy but also because there is just no fancy way to say…We are still waiting!  While waiting may sound boring, our fundraising has been anything but boring.  Mr. Johnson sums up what we have been up to best in his latest blog entry. Read his interview here…Big Steve interview’s Julio and Amber on all things Adoption

The Johnson’s are also helping our fundraising efforts. While Steve hikes the Appalachian Trail, you can make a pledge per mile from the safety of your couch, or wherever. 🙂

By the way this man and his wife Jan are pretty much the coolest adventure seeking, people serving, Jesus loving- folks we have ever met.  Read more here… Big Steve’s excellent Appalachian Trail Adventure


I’ll post an update on how the Home study visit went and what’s next for us soon.  On to more forms, required reading, and online training now… (Exciting ♥)


Love always,  Amber