Click here to read this open letter from an adopted adult.

I hope you really read it. It really is a must read! It certainly is a great eye opener for those who think they know what adoption is all about. It’s also a great tool for our friends and family to show them how to support us the right way.

This isn’t about us completing our family. It’s about us becoming a family for a child. ♡

I’ll leave you with this nugget of truth from the letter…

” Adding to your family through adoption should never be about meeting some need of your own…it should always and only ever be about providing for the CHILD’S needs.  Please don’t put the added pressure on an adopted child by forcing them to live up to the unspoken standard of the child you couldn’t concieve or the son or daughter you couldn’t produce.  Adoption is not a cure for infertility, nor are adopted people “gifts” to be passed around in order to complete somebody else’s life.  We are human beings in our own right, with our own feelings, needs, and wants.  Don’t add to an already painful situation by expecting us to be something we weren’t born to be.”

♡ Amber