“We have this hope like an anchor for our soul, firm and secure.”  Hebrews 6:19

In this blog I promised myself that I would be transparent with our story.  I think this is important for a few reasons.  The world needs more transparency, especially from Christians.  Our friends and family members need to know how to best support us.  Finally, there is a sense of healing that comes with being vulnerable even if that defies every fiber in my being.

That being said, this journey hasn’t always been full of hope.  Specifically speaking, the part of our journey where we  began to learn that birthing our own children doesn’t seem to be an option for us.  There have been quite a few days filled with doubts, questions, anger, resentment, and  a sadness that I just couldn’t shake.   For the better part of 2 years I felt like I was stuck on a roller coaster that was anything but fun anymore.

As Christians we are trained to be joyful, to trust God’s plan, and never to doubt his goodness but  the devil uses tricky ways to hide our hope from us.  I say tricky because its sort of a catch 22.  I found myself not wanting to hope anymore so I could break that terrible cycle of disappointment, I wanted off that roller coaster!  What Jesus does is amazing though,  somehow against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.  He placed this hope deep in our hearts;  like an anchor for our soul firm and secure.

As of November 2014, I’m not ashamed of that hope anymore.  There isn’t anything broken about us, our God is good.  He has called us to be parents and there is nothing shameful about our unfinished story.  My prayer is that if any of our readers are in a place where they are doubting God’s goodness that they will remember the hope that Jesus gives us.  Don’t let the devil hide your hope and  it’s steadfastness.  Your anchor of hope was placed in your heart to weather any storm that your Soul may have to endure.

Thanks for reading,

Amber ♥